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A Comprehensive Digital Signature Solution for Bulk Signing for Business Document

We all are moving towards the eco friendly measures to protect our environment hence, switching to paperless organisation be the best solution. Well, it's just not possible to eliminate paper completely but eventually we can get rid of the paper pen method and move to Digital SIgnature.


Digital signature is a digital code which is authenticated by public key inscribed which is attached to an electronic transmitted document to verify content and sender’s identity.

The digital signature is the technique for approving legally the authenticity or virtue of the message or the documents. Digital Signature is a equally valid as well as legal as the self attested or handwritten signature.

"Under the IT Act, 2000 Digital Signatures are at par with stamped seals handwritten signatures. The Indian Union Budget 2015-16 has also allowed Invoices, Agreements, Purchase Orders, Contracts, HR documents to be Digitally Signed with Digital Signature Certificates and share electronically via internet / email."

Before Digital Signer officials faced a lot of problems as they had to sign manually each and every paper of the document, which ended up taking a lot of time along with paper and printing costs added on to it, separate manpower was required to deal with the documents in terms of mailing and keeping it as a record.

Pdf Signer

Digital signature plays a very important role in signing bulk documents like income tax returns, company incorporation, government tender documents, trademark & copyright applications, Agreements and contracts in a very quick and safe manner.

GST Invoices can also be signed using Digital signature as documentation is in a bulk form.


  • Saves Time.
  • Cost Effective.
  • Quickly sign multiple PDF files (bulk sign).
  • Digitally signed documents are safe and secured.
  • User-friendly, reliable & legally compliant.

Introducing you the ultimate option for digital signature thru DSC Signer.


The most important feature of Digital signer is to attest multiple documents (bulk documents) in the from of PDF automatically with in few seconds by selecting input and output directory.


Digital signature is customized and integrated with SAP, Oracle, ERP, CRM, Tally, Turbo-IVP or any portal to digitally sign the PDF documents.


Now with the help of DSC Signer you can easily sign your invoice with password protection mail them directly to the buyers. Accepted Under Excise and Service tax Laws. Reduce Credit period by issuing Digitally signed Invoices instantly.


DSC signer is a solution to PDF Signing that helps the organisation to digitally sign form 16 instantly. This software includes merging of Part A and Part B.

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