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Product Symbolize 3 E's : Error Free, Effective and Efficient

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We are a professionally managed IT company having a dedicated team of software experts who offer software solutions meeting the client's requirements using the most powerful techniques. We have a proven track record in providing cost effective, innovative and robust business solutions.

Our Product Symbolizes 3E's : Effective, Efficient, Error Free

Founded in 1990, we expertise in using technology to automate manual processes, enhance communication and manage data through latest technologies. Our business minded approach towards software development is awesome which translates directly to our client's success.


DSC Signer is desktop software in which you can sign multiple PDF files by selecting input and output directory, and it doesn't limit the number of PDF files to be signed. And close important deals easily, quickly and securely! Don’t lose precious time and money on paper, postage, faxing, scanning or using other document signing software that takes you hours to set up. It’s allows you to sign PDF documents without any need to purchase Adobe Acrobat, thus dramatically reducing the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). The software supports hot folder signing, which means you can install the software on your file server and set up DSC Signer Server to watch over the newly-uploaded PDF files in the specified hot folder and sign them on the fly.

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Our Design Philosophy

DSC Signer’s products are designed to be easy to integrate, configure and use in a wide range of business scenarios including

Server-based centralised bulk signing of documents, such as e-invoices

Server-based user signing of workflow documents, such as project documents

Digitally signed documents are secured and can’t be forged

Using desktop products for off-line use and finally

Being used within managed services for effective verification and validation

We provide practical and authoritative advice on security solutions and offer sensible pricing based on feature usage for all our products. A global network or partners complement this approach.


Our People

Our business-first consultants work with each client to produce outstanding ROI, with associated process efficiencies, enhanced compliance, risk reduction and significant customer experience benefits. Leveraging global best-in-class products and client successes, combined with local Business consulting and IT skills, we support the design and implementation state-of-the-art document creation, handwritten signature and output technologies.

Our Success Story

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