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DSC Signer
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Digital Signature Software | Digitally sign PDF documents with DSC and PFX File

DSC Signer is a innovative desktop based application that allows user to sign PDF documents by Digital Signature Certificate (DSC tokens) or PFX file in offline & cloud based environment. It works with DSC token issued by any Certifying Authority in India. DSC Signer enables user to digitally sign documents in bulk mode with faster and more secure way.  


DSC Signer

DSC Signer is desktop software in which you can sign multiple PDF files by selecting input and output directory, and it doesn't limit the number of PDF files to be signed. And close important deals easily, quickly and securely! Don’t lose precious time and money on paper, postage, faxing, scanning or using other document signing software that takes you hours to set up. It’s allows you to sign PDF documents without any need to purchase Adobe Acrobat, thus dramatically reducing the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

The software supports hot folder signing, which means you can install the software on your file server and set up DSC Signer Server to watch over the newly-uploaded PDF files in the specified hot folder and sign them on the fly.

"The Easiest, Fastest and most Secure way to get documents signed Anytime."

We offer a complete software solution for Digitally Signing Invoices, Consignment Note, Delivery orders, etc. With just few clicks, you can digitally sign your Invoices & other documents, in a very user friendly way.

You may prepare your Invoice and related documents such as Delivery PDF Documents, from any software, accounting package, MS Office, or even scan from physical copies, digitally sign them using our Invoice File Signing software and email to the recipients.

Bulk PDF Signer

DSC Signer


What's New in DSC Signer

DSC Signer brings more wonderful to complete all of your e-signature solutions

Digital Signature Solution

Bulk Sign & send

Send a document to multiple singers and have sign the documents independently.

Digital Signature software

Multiple Users Support

Manage multiple users in your admin account with ease.

Digital Signature Solution

Reusable Template

Reusable templates simplify your business process and save more time.

Auto PDF Signer

DSC Signer is a flexible Windows Application. It provides intelligent watched folder automatic monitoring or automated digital signing solution of one or more Windows folders to process batches of document in an unattended environment.

Thru DSC Signer the automatically sign PDF folders eto use. Automatic signature. No user intervention. USB token support. Batch signature. No hidden costs. Bulk signature. Multiple signatures. Form 16 signature. Customer support included. Folder signature.

In this you could be up and running in having your important corporate documents, such as e-invoices, signed in minutes by using this powerful yet simple application.

PDF Auto Signer provides one of the simplest ways to utilize the power of the Digitally Signing within various organizations and can be easily inserted into a workflow system without any system integration or development expense.

Digital Signature Solution   Auto Server Signing


Pdf Signer Software

DSC Application Form

1. Class 2A Individual    Digital Signature Solution

2. Class 2B Organization    Digital Signature Software

3. Class 3A Individual    PDF Signer

4. Class 3B Organization    DSC Signer

5. Document Signer    Digital Signature Solution

Documents Required for all types DSC Tokens

Use Cases of DSC Signer

Thousands of users are using DSC Signer every day to Digitally Sign

arrow Invoices

arrow Agreements

arrow Purchase Orders

arrow HR Documents

arrow Supplementary Invoices

arrow Credit & Debit Notes

arrow Contracts

arrow Form 16 ( Part A & Part B)

Different Versions for Different Needs

DSC Signer is available in different version and can be customised as per specific requirements of customer

1. Desktop based application to Digitally Sign single or Bulk files with your USB based DSC token

2. Cloud based digital signature solution that integrates with SAP/ ERP/ CRM/ Oracle etc…

3. eSign is an online electronic signature service which can be integrated with service delivery applications via an API to facilitate an eSign user to digitally sign a document. Using authentication of the eSign user through e-KYC service, online electronic signature service is facilitated.

4. Hardware security module (HSM) is one of the forward-looking computing devices, responsible to manage the authentication, encryption, decryption, transaction signing, key management, pin generation and tokenization under a secured environment.


How does it work?

To send an electronic signature document just upload your document from within your Signable account, fill in who is going to sign it, specify on the document where you want them to sign and we will do the rest. Signable will send the signer an email with a attachment where they can click and sign the document. No registration is needed by the signer and they can sign on any device. Need to send a document to more than one person? No problem! Just add multiple signers when sending out the document.

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